Initial Research: Cinetone studios

AP: Cinetone Studios in 1933

And now…

Cinetone Grand Cafe now on site. Available ascafe, events venue, wedding venue and recordinglcoation for TV and advertising.

Brothers Isaac and Jules Biedermann were the first to open well outfitted film studios that provided for the increasing demand for Dutch sound films. In 1930, they started up Cinetone, a company that originally intended to produce short sound films. 
“In 1933 they bought an old factory building on the Duivendrechtsekade on the south side of Amsterdam, where they set up their sound film studio. Using the name Cinetone Studio’s, the complex would develop into the most important film studio in the Netherlands. Their first films were made in 1933. The very first of these, a Belgian feature titled Meisjes in vrijheid/Filles en liberté was never released, but their second film, De Jantjes, became an unprecedented success and established a name for Cinetone. In the 1930s, more than 20 features were recorded at Cinetone and the studio was nicknamed ‘Holland’s Hollywood’.”

Death blow
During WWII,  Cinetone was renamed UFA Filmstadt Amsterdam and Filmstad became UFA Filmstadt Den Haag. In the period from May 1941 to March 1944, there were 18 German feature films recorded in both studios. At the end of the war, the complex in Wassenaar was bombed by the Allies and Cinetone was plundered by the Germans. This was the final death blow for Wassenaar as a film town. Cinetone Studios made a restart after the war. 

WIKI notes (translated. check accuracy.): 1938 Brothers went bankrupt and sold Cinetone to Mr Wolff from The Hague

Films listed as recorded there: Fien de la Mar, Soldier of Orange, Character and Ciske the Rat
Investors bought the premises on reputation and turned it into Amsterdam Studios Hollywood, predominantly making commercials for TV and Cinema. One recent feature – Enigma.

Ipad clips to compare:

Fientje De La Mar

Operation Amsterdam (1959) appeared to have potential here as it combines studio sets with on location footage in Amsterdam – however this is a British film thus the studio shots were filmed at Pinewood Studios in London.

The Last Blitzkrieg 1959
But Not in Vain 1948 (also includes location shots and actuality Dutch resistance footage)

List from

  1. Iris (1987) … Post Production
  2. De ratelrat (1987) … Post-production Facilities
  3. Het bittere kruid (1985) … Sound Recording
  4. Brandende liefde (1983) … Post-production Facilities
  5. De lift (1983) … Lighting Equipment, Sound Recording
  6. A Time to Die (1982) … Production Facilities
  7. Spetters (1980) … Dubbing
  8. Dokter Vlimmen (1977) … Camera And Lighting
  9. De dwaze Lotgevallen van Sherlock Jones (1975) … Sound Post-production
  10. Heb medelij, Jet! (1975) … Sound Recording
  11. Help, de dokter verzuipt! (1974) … Sound Post Production
  12. Geen paniek (1973) … Studio Facilities
  13. 10.32 (1966) … Post-production Facilities
  14. Alleman (1964) … Post-production Facilities
  15. De vergeten medeminnaar (1963) … Post-production Facilities
  16. De zaak M.P. (1960) … Post-production Facilities
  17. Fanfare (1958) … Sound Laboratory


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