Review on our presentation

CSG – When I look back at our presentation, and especially my part of it, I’m not sure whether I’m pleased about it or not. Every presentation was very different from the others and it is therefore hard to compare them with each other. I think ours was accessible, not too pretentious and, hopefully, a little entertaining.

What I am less happy about, is that I felt quite rushed, due to the fact that the main hall of the Tuschinski theatre was closed at the moment, because of a wedding that had just taken place. I think the clip from Loft, that was filmed in the basement of Tuschinski, was interesting because the architecture and the interior of Tuschinski are so distinctive that they really stand out. The interior gives away that the implied unity of space is actually a fake. The party scene turns out to be shot in two different locations, but that’s not clear to all viewers. You really have to know Tuschinski, and its typical ambiance, to uncover the discontinuity in setting.

I am afraid that I haven’t been fully able to make my point on location. I hope I will do a better job at the Cinetone studios next week.



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