Some links in the hope of free wifi!

We will reflect upon our presentation after today’s city walk, so this is just a quick plan update:

Cinetone presentation:

  1. Introduction to the Studios by Christopher
  2. Introduction to Hollands Hollywood clip by Ali – context – watch clip
  3. Explanation of content/lyrics/city country contrast by Robyn
  4. Potential for ‘concept city’ using built environment of studio – Ali – ‘Cinecitta’ and ‘Tativille’ compared – Cinetone production context of Jordaan films introduced. Compared to ‘real” Jordaan
  5. Examples: De Jantjes Feb 1934, Bleeke Bet Sept 1934
  6. Contextualised with literature – simulacrum – Robyn


Photographs of Cinetone Studio interiors/facilities:

De Jantjes clip and plot overview:

Bleeke Bet clip and plot overview:

Sources used for presentation:

Overview of film studios:

Emergence of Dutch Sound Film:

Jordaan film genre :

Info on Jordaan area. A few pics also on this site of the state of unrest in the 30’s :!/en/Subsites/Annes-Amsterdam/Timeline/Before-the-war/1934/1934/Unrest-in-the-Jordaan-and-other-areas-of-Amsterdam/

Bleeke Bet/De Jantjes Film shots provided by Ivo from Eye Film Library
Powerpoint slides from Ivo’s class lecture


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