Use of the iPads

RC: The ipads were certainly a novel aspect of the city tours and being able to watch clips at each location in order to analyse and compare any changes or prominant aspects in each setting was particularly useful. However, with regards to our first presentation at Tuschinski we were somewhat limited by the material available to us on the ipad. With only one clip uploaded for us to discuss we therefore did our own research to gather more film sequences set in our space. However, the major issue here was the inability to upload these clips onto the ipad. I’m unaware of how the technology functions and whether this is even possible but it would have been useful if we’d been able to upload our own clips onto our ipad and then share this with the others, maybe create a link or something in blackboard so the others could then download the same clip and we could all watch it together on location. We did try to tackle this issue with Christopher kindly bringing his laptop to the Tuschinski so we could watch a clip from that, but that was still only one screen between all of us and it seemed a shame when we had so many ipads between us at that moment but no use for them.

In terms of the usefulness of the ipad out of presentation time, I was not in charge of looking after it and therefore didn’t really get to explore its potential. Other than that, they were light, easy to carry around, and, although the weather interfered from time to time, provdided us with a unique collection of portable film clips to screen at each location!

AP: As I was the ipad holder I can comment on its use (or lack of) out of class. I have to admit this was minimal, partly as the ipad we had did not have a camera in use, thus playing with the Vistory app as I had planned couldn’t happen -I also had trouble in terms of the ipad being set on another Itunes log in and when trying to download the app itself the ipad asked for updates in software (I could have investigated fixes for this but to be honest had collected lots of information from other sources and did not have time). So perhaps to get the most out of this I could have asked more questions or there could have been a small amount of time given to explaining the ‘set up’ of apps/software etc. I was grateful for the ability to upload images and websites etc to the ipad pre-presentation, but again this was not  that useful across multiple ipads or relied upon wifi which the ipads seemed reluctant to connect to. They were useful on the whole as Robyn noted above – watching and comparing the clips on location was very valuable to the city walk presentations (even with the slight weather issues). I suppose the only solution would be to set up the presentation topics earlier in order to get any clips we wanted on all of the ipads, however this may not be time efficient with such a short course. 


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