CSG.Final blog


In this final blog, I will include three different elements: my view on the course in general, my opinion about the I-pads and how I look back at the presentations, including my own.

In relation to my view on the course in general, I think have to agree with Ali, in her idea that what was most interesting and valuable about this class, was the change it has realised in the way I look at cities. I have lived in Amsterdam for almost 5 years and I have learnt so much about its actual space in the last few weeks of this class, that I almost feel ashamed that I didn’t know it before. When you live in a city it is so easy to neglect it: its beauty becomes normal, its unicity and quirkiness become annoying, the actual manual construction of the city in order to make it more liveable, are mainly a time consuming hazard. With the help of this course I have come to appreciate the city more.

I find it hard to fully ‘grade’ the use of the I-pads. Because I wasn’t able to attend the Kogeto-clip lecture, I only used them during (the preparation of) the presentations. Logically, it’s quite cool to use an I-Pad; I’m not that much of a new media master mind, so it was a new experience for me. On the first tour, the sun made it quite hard to see what was on the screens. I think none of us really had thought about that possibility, but it wasn’t too disturbing. It went a lot better on the second tour. Everybody was prepared and the sun didn’t shine, which also helped of course. All in all, I must say that I really did not do as much with the I-Pads as I had hoped. It would have been a lot easier it there had been Wifi on every location so that clips off the internet could have been shared more easily.

Most presentations I really liked. It’s alway interesting to see how everybody tackles a similar subject in a completely different way. I was quite happy about my own. I think (and hope) that I had an original angle in combining the different ways in which a film can use famous architecture with ideological (or if I use Steyn’s preference discursive) layers and meanings. It is always difficult to estimate how good or how bad it went, but I think I did quite okay. I enjoyed presenting it, so I guess that’s at least one good sign.

Overall, I think this was, together with my elective, the best class this year. I liked the link with cinema and the outdoors-dimension. I also have the idea that everybody got to know each other a little better, which is also nice of course.


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